Southside Baptist Church is not what you might expect. While the Corinthian columns and stained glass windows may lead you to believe you know what this place is all about, don't make your decision until you meet the people. We believe it is the people, not the building, that is the church. It is our privilege to represent Jesus in San Marco by creating ministry environments where people can GATHER to worship God, GROW in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and GO in the power of His Spirit to serve the world.



    Gather -- Grow -- Go

    GATHER is encountering God in community. When we meet, we put Christ on display. It is nothing short of a miracle to have the nations and races under one roof, encouraging one another and worshipping one God. Christianity is done together.

    GROW is encountering God through the revelation of Jesus Christ. The Scriptures give us an eyewitness account of who Jesus was and what He did. We study the Scriptures to learn more about Jesus, and experience personal transformation. The Word becomes flesh in you. The church will never grow corporately beyond the capacity of its members to grow individually.

    GO is encountering God through action. You can’t explore the depths of Christianity until you surrender your life to it. We believe that some things can’t be understood until you try them. By doing you understand. Being a witness for Christ goes beyond our words – it is expressed by our lives.

  • Baptism

    Baptism is an ancient symbol depicting a person’s commitment to follow Jesus Christ. For centuries, Christians have demonstrated their new life in Jesus by allowing themselves to be immersed under water. To be “immersed” into something means to fully plunge or go into deeply. 

    More than a religious ritual, there is deep meaning behind the symbolism of baptism. Jesus invites His followers to plunge into a life fully devoted to God.

    CLICK HERE  to listen to the "Watermark" series, taught by Pastor Gary, as he walks us through Baptism and the philosophy of what we believe.


Southside has a long and rich history. Watch this video to learn more.