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Southside Baptist Church partners with the International Mission Board to reach the people of North Africa and the Middle East. Two families and a Single from Southside have answered God’s call to serve as full time missionaries in this part of the world. Since part of our family calls this region home, we join them by praying, giving and going overseas, supporting them and their work.

J and J have lead teams that focus on unreached people groups throughout the Horn of Africa and beyond, since 2003. Through platforms such as vet clinics, agricultural development projects, educational programming, medical clinics and many others, hundreds of people are exposed to the Gospel each year. Southside faithfully sends volunteers to prayer walk streets, assist with sports clinics, train nationals in early childhood education, and offer love and support to the more than 120 missionaries who have made this part of the world home.

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C and K left Southside in 2010, to work with thousands of North Africans who travel to and from the ports in southern Europe. Many of these travelers have no access to the Gospel in their country of origin. For this reason, C and K have lead teams to prepare and distribute care packages to thousands of motorists passing through the ports and are now in the process of church planting. For many, this is the first time they have heard the name of Jesus, and it may be the only time they are able to access a copy of the Bible in their language. Since 2011, Southside annually sends teams of volunteers to support their efforts in this part of the world.

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