Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

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An investment is a resource (time, talent, or treasure) spent with the anticipation of a future gain.The difference between an investment and an expense is that you can expect a return on an investment, but that which we spend is gone without hope of a future return. Jesus said that everywhere we spend our treasure we also leave a piece of our hearts. That means that how we use out time, talent and treasure has serious implications on the well being of our souls.

Invested Q and A podcast

see Unified Mission Offering Q & A below

Unified Mission Offering Q & A

Because Invested is both a capital stewardship campaign and a new approach to supporting our mission causes, this Q & A has been developed to answer some of the common questions. If you have a question that is not included, or you want additional clarification on any of the answers provided, please contact a staff member, Trustee, or a member of the Invested Initiative team.

What is a "Unified Mission Offering"?

A unified mission offering is a way a church can support various mission causes throughout the year while providing individuals and families one overall missions giving goal so they can intentionally budget generosity over and above their tithes and offerings.

How does a "Unified Mission Offering" work?

Southside has traditionally supported five separate mission offerings, each having an individual goal of anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000. At the appropriate season for each offering, the congregation would receive information about the mission partner and our goal for that year's offering. With a Unified Mission Offering, Southsiders would still support all five mission offerings, but would do so through their giving to the Invested campaign. Each of our five mission partnerships would still be highlighted at the appropriate season, but the offering we give would come from the money received through individual and family gifts to Invested.

What about the prayer and education emphasis that has traditionally been associated with each of these individual mission offerings?

We will continue to recognize each mission cause and organization at the appropriate time of year. We will provide prayer guides, information packets, video clips, and will also bring in special guests who can share how our gifts are making a difference.

Will people still have the opportunity to support each individual mission offering apart from the Invested Initiative and its Unified Mission Offering?

Absolutely! That is the beauty of this approach. It provides individuals and families a chance to budget and plan for their generosity, while still allowing for the spontaneous gifts of guests and new members. In fact, as each mission cause and partnership is promoted, it reminds our congregation of the overall goals of the Invested Initiative and gives new members a chance to commit to the campaign.