Saving Christmas

- an Advent series -

It happens every year. Well-meaning Christians who want to keep “Christ” in Christmas. They fight to place a nativity in the local town hall and refuse to respond to “happy holidays.” And don’t even try to abbreviate Christmas with an “X”!! Meanwhile, another more sinister war rages on. Believers who claim to worship the Prince of Peace, even while they are waging war at home or in the office. Christians who celebrate the free gift God gave us in Jesus Christ but are enslaved by financial debt. Disciples who claim to believe that Jesus came to forgive our sins but can’t escape the guilt and shame of their sin. Before we attempt to save Christmas from a secular culture, perhaps we should consider how to save it from those of us who claim to know the reason for the season yet live as if the reality of Christmas has no power. Join us for an Advent Sermon series exploring all the ways Christmas is saving us!