Love Letters

a message series from First, Second, and Third John

From mushy Valentine’s Day cards to overly sentimental romantic comedies, the thought of a love letter either excites or makes you a little nauseous! The modern concept of love is almost exclusively based on emotions. People often talk about love as something that happens to them, but the Bible always describes love as a decision of the will. No biblical writer invested more ink on this subject than the Apostle John. As the last apostle, John was the final living eye witness of Jesus for a new generation of believers. Before his death, he wrote three letters to the fledgling Church. Each letter expresses John’s deep love for the church and addresses specific challenges faced by that new generation. Two thousand years later, though culture and circumstances have changed, John’s letters continue to speak to believers today. His love letters have stood the test of time because they are not describing a hyper sentimental feeling, but the kind of love that endures through all eternity. Join us for a series exploring the books of 1, 2 and 3 John.