At Southside Baptist Church we believe that every person has infinite value and worth. Regardless of the color of their skin, the origin of their birth, their political affiliation, social status or lifestyle choices, each and every human being has been created in the image of Holy God and is someone for whom Christ died. Those two universal truths demand that those of us who call ourselves Jesus' Followers, love everyone, always.

At a time when dark forces seem intent to tear us apart, we believe it is the Gospel that brings and binds people together. We believe that the Church has a unique mission and is uniquely equipped and empowered to bring reconciliation and healing to individuals, families, communities, nations, and our world. We believe this because we have experienced it first hand. Because of what God has done for us through His Son, Jesus Christ, we are now called to be ambassadors of His reconciliation.

You are invited to join us on this great mission of reconciliation. Please take a few minutes to explore our web site. Take a look at the many ministry opportunities that exist, check out a service online or listen to a podcast, and then come visit in person. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Grace and Peace,

Gary Lee Webber

Pastor, Southside Baptist Church